Is trying for a baby making you feel disillusioned, desperate, incomplete, hopeless? 
It really doesn’t have to be like this if you have me to guide you through this journey. 
I’m Jolanta, a nutritionist and pharmacist with over 25 years of experience and I have an innate understanding of what it’s like to struggle to conceive, having travelled this journey myself. 
My own journey to motherhood took many years of heartache and intense longing that shadowed every aspect of my life. 
Fast forward many years, during which I studied clinical nutrition, I can look back on those years of struggle and I can see exactly where I was going wrong – I was following the wrong advice for my body, denying it the personalised nourishment and nurture it needed to conceive. 
My dream of motherhood did eventually come true and I now have an adorable son. 
It is now my mission to help other women avoid the pain and struggle I went through, and to help bring longed for babies into the world. 
I am passionate about coaching, guiding and empowering you through your fertility journey and fulfilling your dream of having a family. 
Jolanta recognises the value of mainstream medicine but offers an approach that is not available on the NHS. 
I offer online consultations via zoom/skype so distance is no problem. 
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