"Jolanta is the professional I wish I had met years ago! 
"After my first consultation with her I felt more validated and understood than I ever had by any doctor, and since then she has continued to show nothing but compassionate professionalism and incredible expertise. 
She’s getting right to the root of how my body is functioning and is answering questions I’ve been trying to seek out answers to for over 2 decades. 
"After 20+ years of IBS, headaches, nausea….and 10 years of fertility issues and PMDD, she is literally changing my life. 
"Thank you Jolanta Very highly recommended!!!" 
Katy G. 
"I’m so happy I found the DUTCH (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones) test – this really is the gold standard in hormone testing. 
"Jolanta has a gift of explaining the results in a way that’s really easy to understand and helps you make a plan going forward. 
"It’s been a great way to take stock of where my health and hormones are at so that I can understand what and why I might be feeling a certain way. And then do something about it – naturally!" 
"Jolanta has offered me the professional and knowledgeable support I have needed in finding ways to improve my health and wellbeing. Her clear and concise communication helped interpret the results of my DUTCH test and I now have a clear plan to improve my health and balance my hormones holistically." 
"I asked Jolanta’s advice for my teenage daughter who was experiencing acne. Within 2 weeks of following her recommendations, there was a huge difference in my daughter’s complexion – and in her self-esteem and confidence. Thanks Jolanta, highly recommended." 
"What drew me to Jolanta is not only her knowledge and experience with nutrition but her extensive knowledge and wealth of experience as a Pharmacist. 
"I knew that the guidance provided would be based on scientific evidence and the information given allowed me to link up the dots on where I am now and where I want to get to. 
"I fully recommend Jolanta to anyone who is struggling with IVF, confused by the vast amount of information out there and concerned about what they are putting in their bodies that could harm their success chances further. Give her a call, book in for a session, and know that you are supported 100% by Jolanta and her wealth of experience." 
"It has been a pleasure working with Jolanta which for me had been a stomach and bowel concern I’d had for a number of years and was progressively getting worse. 
"My mind was put at ease during our first discussion and I felt reassured that I had chosen the right person to work with. Jolanta takes time to consider all the possibilities and listens to you and how you are feeling before determining the best approach. 
"As a result of seeing Jolanta my health has improved along with the quality of my life." 
I offer online consultations via zoom/skype so distance is no problem. 
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