I do this by assessing your current diet and lifestyle, taking into account any medications/supplements you may be taking – and I look for where there could be any potential imbalances/deficiencies that need to be addressed with food, supplements and lifestyle changes. 

I can help you if you are experiencing any of these symptoms: 

Low Energy 
Brain Fog 
Weight Gain 
Thyroid issues 
Trouble Sleeping 
Anxiety and Depression 
Mood Swings 
Low Mood 
Hot Flushes and Night Sweats 
Fertility Challenges 
Run down/Frequent infections 
Skin issues such as acne and eczema 
Menopause Support 
Food Intolerances 
I also specialise in Functional Testing


""I contacted Jolanta to get her professional advice on any supplements because I had a back injury and I was getting acute spasms. She advised me to start taking a particular supplement.....this gave me immediate relief from the spasms. I can't recommend Jolanta and her knowledge highly enough."⁠ 

My Approach  Nutritional therapy is more than just eating the right diet. 

When working with you I take an in-depth look at your health history, lifestyle, your current health challenges and priorities. I also take into account any medications or supplements you may be taking and look at possible drug-nutrient interactions. 
From there I put together a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme that is tailor-made for you and your situation. 
My Online Clinic means distance need not be a problem. I work with clients throughout the UK and internationally. 

Work With Me 

Functional Testing 

Book a Free Discovery Call 

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