I do this by assessing your current diet and lifestyle, taking into account any medications/supplements you may be taking – and I look for where there could be any potential imbalances/deficiencies that need to be addressed with food, supplements and lifestyle changes. 


Have you been trying to get pregnant for a while, do you feel incomplete, empty? 
Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the do’s and don’ts of getting pregnant, are you feeling angry, frustrated, hopeless or depressed? Are you feeling anxious, exhausted by the struggle, the raw emotions. 
Does the intense longing for a baby overshadow every aspect of your life? 
You have arrived in the right place – I can help guide and support you. I have walked this journey myself so can completely relate to some of the feelings you are feeling right now. 
Although I recognise the value of mainstream medicine, I can offer you an approach that is not available on the NHS. 
I take an in-depth look as to what may need to be changed in what you eat or drink, your lifestyle (such as sleep quality, exercise, self-care, relaxation, your environment, your toiletries, even the clothes you wear) and I can guide you to the correct supplements specifically for your body. 
If you feel you have been on a waiting list for far too long – waiting to talk to a professional, to get clarity and help – I can arrange any necessary private tests – so that within 4 weeks we will have clarity as to whether any particular imbalances or deficiencies need to be addressed and you can immediately start making the necessary changes to boost your fertility and chances of conceiving with my bespoke programme. 
My fertility nutrition programmes are perfect for anyone looking to boost their fertility naturally, as well as for those looking to optimise the results of IUI or IVF. 
I support women of any reproductive age. 
Let’s boost your fertility and prepare for your pregnancy: 
Improve egg and sperm health 
Optimise reproductive hormone levels that may be impacting on fertility 
Correct any nutrient deficiencies 
Reduce oxidative stress and inflammation which may be impacting fertility 
Optimise the endometrium for implantation 
Boost your chances of pregnancy 
Improve the outcomes of IUI and IVF 
Prepare your body for pregnancy 

bespoke fertility programme 

fertility check-in consultation 

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